CNN is broadcasting a special memorial program tonight at 10pm EST.

When the Music Moves the Chef and the Menu

When you have as many allergies as I do food becomes a critical aspect of life. Paying attention to ingredients becomes a way of life to separate a tasty treat from spending several hours in an emergency room. There are benefits to my natural self-disaster: no corn syrup = no soda and no soda = … Continue reading

Chicken Chowder creates colorful cuisine

We went out to dinner this weekend with close family friends in honor of their recent retirement. While I was there I tried the new poblano chicken soup, and it was delicious! After some digging I noticed there is a similiar recipe online at Food Network. Click here for the link. Video: Hearty Poblano Chicken … Continue reading

Its 7 ELEVEN, 2011

The time is now 11 a.m. CST on July 11, 2011, and I can’t think of a better post idea than to pay homage to a campaign I saw recently in design magazine. Take a look on this trio of creative ads depicting one of the few fuel companies that hasn’t had a disaster recently. It I … Continue reading

Students rally despite finals frenzy

UAB’s Hill University Center was a flurry of activity this afternoon, and not over panic from finals. Clothes, food, water and other suplies were dropped off and packed up to deliver to those in need. Kaleidoscope has set up an online database detailing information for victims and volunteers.