Facebook has full reach of data

The New York Times tech editor walks readers through just how much information is available from Facebook.

Strangeness in Social Media

The theme for this week is social media hacking. Huffington Post contributor Bianca Bosker reveals startling insights on social media hacking in her article “I Was Just Friended By Myself On Facebook (And It Only Gets Weirder From There).” I got a friend request from Bianca Bosker on Wednesday night. I’m Bianca Bosker, one of just … Continue reading

Does Facebook Turn People Into Narcissists?

In light of Facebook going public it seems appropriate to pseudo-analyze the popular social media’s effect on the  human psyche. Yesterday this post had an immensely funny, well illustrated graphic about how likely people were to forgive you about being arrogant on Facebook, but now its gone and I feel silly but the article is … Continue reading

Applying For a Job? Here’s What Not to Do

As the economic recovery continues its uphill climb, many millennials are bearing the burden. Statistics from various reports average around 18% unemployment for 16-24 year olds and 10% for 25-29 year olds. That’s a harsh reality for the recent college grad who scraped to pay bills in school while dreaming of a million-dollar job after … Continue reading

FB page connects victims with memories

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) – Across the south, Facebook users are helping tornado victims pick up the pieces of their lives in a unique way. The storms scattered photographs, receipts, newspaper clippings and other tokens of the past for miles. Thanks to a Facebook page created by Patty Bullion, users are sharing the items they have … Continue reading