INFLUENCERS TRAILER from R+I creative on Vimeo. R + I created this quick, but captivating, clip about how culture spreads and who it is that holds influence over it. Enjoy! Advertisements

The Dieline discusses “The Unsung Hero of Design”

Why is the art of brand design the unsung hero of the design world? We live in a culture that is more creative than ever before. The man on the street is probably more hard-wired into an appreciation of creativity and its power to transform than ever before. Fashion, architecture, product design are not just … Continue reading

Power by Design

What kind of influence do designers actually have?

That was then, and this is now: but what is next?

Lorraine Wild reflects on what it has been like to be a a designer for the last 30 years, and speculates what full potential the age of digital design will bring. This article was first published in 1996 in Emigre 39. The following essay is based on the transcript of a talk that I gave at 101: The Future … Continue reading

In and Around: Cultures of Design and the Design of Cultures Part I

My anthropology professor defined culture as the process of interpreting meaningful activity. He had to admit most of the visuals we receive were created by designers who had that idea in mind. Andrew Blauvelt discusses what design is like in relation to modern cultural practices. This article was first published in 1994 in Emigre 32, and now that … Continue reading