On the Fly: Republican Red

Arts and Media explores color theory as applied to politics.


50 years ago, the Berlin Wall arose to divide

As heartbreaking as this story is it is an important one to read. You must learn to love your fellow man to live a life fulfilled. Fellow blogger Chris Rodell pieces together a poignant story of what it was like to live in Berlin in the days of the city divided. Berlin–Fifty years ago, the Soviet-controlled … Continue reading

In Baring Facts of Train Crash, Blogs Erode China Censorship

The Internet instanly informs. Its something that bodes quite well for our Western democracy, but has little love for Communist censorship. Chinese citizens can finally start claiming a free press, and that’s no small victory. New York Times reporter Michael Wines and Sharon Lafraniere writes this engaging story about how social media has revolutionized social thought, with Jonathan … Continue reading