‘The Soup’ survives transition

If ain’t broken don’t fix it applies to the new ‘Soup’ on the shelf.


The First Friggin’ Friday Fun in a while

Finals are over! We can start celebrating Christmas! Here to spread some Christmas cheer is a road trip with some of my favorite comedic celebrities in “Merry Friggin’ Christmas.” The Griswolds get a new millennium makeover pairing a father and son duo (Robin Williams, “Mrs. Doubtfire” and Joel McHale “Community”) must go back for the … Continue reading

How Many Stephen Colberts Are There?

In addition to yesterday’s affirmation that I will actually make the print I’ve been designing for months in my head I have decided that my other New Year’s Resolution is to laugh more often, but only when appropriate. There is a good way to start: start going to garage sales or dig in my mother’s … Continue reading