Take a page from Page Three Hundred’s playbook

I love successful design. It’s why I packed my bags (and boxes) and moved in sunny central Florida to be a Gator! I’m currently halfway through my first year in the masters of fine art program in…drum roll please…graphic design. How’d you know?! Today I present to you Page Three Hundred via The Dieline. This … Continue reading

Vintage Packaging: Halloween Goodies

How awesome is it that we’re still celebrating this holiday? I’m still counting down the days with these handy Halloween Advent Calendars! I mean sure it’s a pagan custom. And sure it’s marketed mainly by candy and cheap costume-making companies. But tell me it’s not a fun party and I’ll give it up. I bet … Continue reading

AMC might define design agencies ‘pitch’ perfectly

Yes, I know its weird that I am a millennial without television. What can I say? I use Hulu. Unfortunately, that means I don’t get to be up to date with anything on AMC including agency standard “Mad Men” and their latest show “The Pitch.”

Marketers Find a Friend in Pinterest

Pinterest has quickly taken over as a means of communication. It’s quick, easy, and requires little effort. It can catalog everything with a few clicks of the mouse. Personally I find it incredibly helpful to use as a mood board collector when beginning new design projects. Check out the the amARTSMEDIA Pinterest Board here. So … Continue reading

What Does Teaching Creativity Look Like?

Starbuck’s Good website/blog/magazine mongol has recently featured a series of design related posts. This one I found particularly insightful as I’ve been explaining to my engineering major father just what all this “creative” business is following my success at the recent Addy show. He was just getting used to the idea I was going to … Continue reading

Birmingham presents best of local advertising

Today’s edition of Friday Fun features last night’s ADDY Award Show winners. UAB students stole the show in most of the categories they entered. Yours truly walked away with a gold and a silver trophy for back-to-back winning years, but I’m not alone. Fellow partner-in-crime Brittany Fox will also be headed for a consecutive run at … Continue reading

Narrowing your Focus with Freelancing

Freelance work seems to be all thats going to be available for graduating students for a while so these tips might be worth a read. I found this piece written by a guy named Sayem. If you’re like many working freelancers you probably have more than one set of skills. With nearly every phase of … Continue reading