Sink your face into these shoes

#CamoKitty loves shoes.


Florida feels grief this morning

So what do we do this time?

My Bloody Valentine

Five Valentine’s views without the saccharine sweetness of rom-cons.

On the Fly: Republican Red

Arts and Media explores color theory as applied to politics.

Joel McHale jumps to Netflix

Former “The Soup” comedy show host Joel McHale stopped by “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” to talk about his return to the small screen albeit this time on a streaming service. “The Joel McHale Show” is set to debut later this year. McHale talks international reality television, his time with Chevy Chase on “Community,” and … Continue reading

Hurray! We hit 300!

Thank you, you loyal readers for helping me hit 300 posts here on amARTSMEDIA! Without your views I can’t keep going. It’s been a blast bringing you my news and views on design, media and pop culture phenomenons since my first post in 2011. Some recent highlights are the Theoretical Thursday columns, another story about … Continue reading

Comin’ on Like a Hurricane…

So I heard on the radio this afternoon that tropical storm Danny is supposed to grow to be a category 2 hurricane before dies out. Hopefully it won’t hit us here in Central Florida, but I’m sure we’ll get wet weather from it anyways. Why do bring up big storms (and AC/DC)? Get ready because … Continue reading

Tech Troubles

Oh goody. My favorite things: hackers and technology troubles. Earlier in the summer I set up scheduled content for a segment called Theoretical Thursdays. Needless to I was surprised to not see the 10 posts today. Please hold while I reinstall my security plugins and update WordPress to get the blog moving again. I thank … Continue reading

On the Fly: April 14

National Geographic is doing it’s own “I Love the 80s” mini-series–except NatGeo has more cache in getting good interviews over VH1. It shows. Lamar says it best “But don’t take my word for it.” Click here to jump to their page. I particularly enjoyed the episode “The 80s: Revolutionaries.” This segment was chock full of some of … Continue reading

On the Fly: March 31

Happy birthday to me! I’m turning a quarter century this week, and it feels a little weird. I was talking with some friends about a album and we couldn’t remember when it came so we looked it up on the web, and it seems so mind-blowing that we all bought it when it came out … Continue reading

On the Fly: December 21

If you haven’t seen The Hobbit yet, and liked The Lord of the Rings even a little bit, then quit waiting! I’m still skeptical of what the other two movies will have in them, but this first installment is more than I could have hoped for out of the film. In true fashion Peter Jackson … Continue reading

Nov 27: Chocolate Date gets an update

I’ve been thinking lately that lots of things in my life have to change. I cut my hair short for the first time. AIGA Birmingham is starting to look good. One change on deck is cutting back on cupcakes to stabilize my blood sugar! As such I’ve decided to re-dub the “Chocolate Date” to “On … Continue reading

Chocolate Date: Nov 24

It’s Thanksgiving here in the States, and I have much to be thankful for this year–chiefly an income! Plus, I have a whole house full! It doesn’t seem like Thanksgiving without a flurry of activity, the Macy’s Parade on full blast from the TV so we can here anything interesting (Jimmy Fallon and the Roots tribute … Continue reading

Chocolate Date: Nov 10

Hey gang! Long time, no hear, huh? It’s been tougher to post since I got my first full-time job. Today’s chocolate confection was a Starbucks Chocolate Blackout cupcake. YUM! HOW WAS YOUR MONTH? It was so busy! We kicked it off October 4 with the AIGA 25th Anniversary Party at Parkside Tavern. My good friend … Continue reading

Chocolate date: May 28

So here is the next installment of Chocolate Date. I never made it to Dreamcakes to be able to compare them to Urban Standard but it’s on my ever growing to-do list. How was your week? We had an excellent AIGA meeting last week despite not having either of our co-presidents. We’re really kicking the … Continue reading