Take a page from Page Three Hundred’s playbook

I love successful design. It’s why I packed my bags (and boxes) and moved in sunny central Florida to be a Gator! I’m currently halfway through my first year in the masters of fine art program in…drum roll please…graphic design. How’d you know?! Today I present to you Page Three Hundred via The Dieline. This … Continue reading

Seventy scenes from Helloween

This just seemed like a great way to announce a Halloween party than to send out tarot cards! I may not believe in psychics and such but it’s a clever idea and there’s some really nice detailing on them. For more check out For Print Only!

Halloween’s here!

Designing for kids can be a challenge. Go too cute and you’ll loose them. Go too far in the opposite direction and you get offended parents. Here’s a nice balance for an invitation to a children’s Halloween party called “Halos and Heroes.” It may be a touch too cute for me, but it’s a nice … Continue reading

novum narrates printing processes without words

Despite the dire warnings of print is dying it isn’t going anywhere for a while. It’s just shifting. Print is getting more creative and becoming more of a fine art. Just look at this video on the making of the November issue of German/English magazine novum.

Lewis leads with new stationary

Birmingham design agency Lewis Communications is also participating in Neenah’s new unSHOW, and they do so with good reasoning. 

Totally Tubular! General Mills boxes reemerge from the 80s

Just when it seems safe there’s a flashback to Flashdance. The Dieline dug up these cereal containers to show that sometimes good things never die and others are too trendy to take over. How many have actually seen, let alone played, an Atari? And yet it was all the rage until this little box called … Continue reading

Alphabet notecards beguile

Letterpress projects are really great, but lasers do interesting intricate work as well. Take a look at this recent example of experimental pieces from Nando Costa. The detailing in these cards is razor sharp and the design is fascinating. It takes a while to notice all 26 letters in the English alphabet, and the fantasy … Continue reading

Adult Swim show adventures into savvy poster design

Since I’ve scrapped this whole install internet as New Year’s Resolution, and I’m enjoying my first “working girl” job I found a NEW New Year’s Resolution: take up printmaking. This shouldn’t be a hard thing since I work in letterpress shop. My boss and I just wrapped production on a 100+ page book which saw … Continue reading

Studio on Fire predicts a fiery end to the world

It’s no secret that the Mayan calendar ends on December 21, 2012. Legendary letterpress shop Studio on Fire depicts the doomsday scenario with a rather sunny outlook. Even if the star is melting the whole planet. It’s next to impossible to see the quality of a piece’s impression (the depth of the print in letterpress … Continue reading

Holiday Card inspires resolutions worth keeping

It’s January now, and that means dusting off old New Year’s Resolutions, and trying them out again. My guess is many of them have already have been tossed to the winds. Mine was to install internet. Seeing as how today is January 22 it is safe to say I’ve forgotten it. Here’s a greeting card … Continue reading

Glamour goofs with Photoshop peril

Photoshop is a fickle friend. It also has a thin line between enhancing an image and ending in complete disaster. These guys didn’t just stick their toes in the troubled water. They cannon-balled into oblivion. Where is the girl’s arm? Granted posing the Twilight saga star like that was a bad call for the photographer … Continue reading

Its 7 ELEVEN, 2011

The time is now 11 a.m. CST on July 11, 2011, and I can’t think of a better post idea than to pay homage to a campaign I saw recently in design magazine. Take a look on this trio of creative ads depicting one of the few fuel companies that hasn’t had a disaster recently. It I … Continue reading