Best of Troy and Abed #sixseasonsandamovie

You know you’re a fanatic when a TV show comes along and several seasons down the line you’ve barely missed an episode since the pilot (the first episode) debuted.

Joel McHale (The Soup), Gillian Jacobs, and Dan Harmon caught my attention early and have held me captive ever since despite NBC’s best efforts to cancel the show. Fans prevailed via Twitter campaign and #sixseasonsandamovie changed the minds of NBC execs. The show certainly changed my mind of feeling too old to be in undergrad–rounding out my B.A. were two classes designed for freshman. Yay for strategic course scheduling, huh?

The phrase alone comes from a catch phrase of the show’s TV addicted film maker Abed (Dani Pudi) and partner-in-crime former football star Troy (Donald Glover). Together the two create all kinds of hilarious trouble for their community college Greendale.

Take a look at some of the show’s most memorable moments for this week’s edition of Friday Fun!

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