On the Fly: March 31

Happy birthday to me! I’m turning a quarter century this week, and it feels a little weird. I was talking with some friends about a album and we couldn’t remember when it came so we looked it up on the web, and it seems so mind-blowing that we all bought it when it came out and–that was not 10 years ago but 15. A couple of us were 15 when we bought it. Do the math. 30! We’re turning into 30-somethings! What the hell? It’s one thing to think Pink Floyd’s ‘Darkside of the Moon’ is on its 40th anniversary, but when it’s music that was new at the time it seems more like an insult than heritage.

Then there’s the fashion. I look around and see grunge teeny-boppers decked out like I was in elementary school–overalls, multi-colored high tops, backwards baseball caps, and oversized sunglasses, and I swear I saw Target selling a floral henley last year that I really truly got from their Cherokee line in 1992–which makes me feel out of my own skin that now I’m vintage instead of me going vintage by stealing my mother’s hippie shirts.


Don’t believe me here’s a couple comparisons:


The left is a pin I found yesterday at http://pinterest.com/pin/58335757645847836/ v. a photo from the Mary Kate + Ashley movie ‘It Takes Two’ (1995)

One of my favorite Goo Goo Dolls songs ‘Stop the World’ (Live in Chicago ’93): Johnny Reznik I want my hat back!


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