The Power of Emotion in Graphic Design

The driving force behind all our decisions is emotion.

It’s what makes us human, is what defines who we are and how we react to different situations. Graphic design is a platform from which emotional fighter-jets can be launched. So why is so much of what we see not much more than lifeless paper-planes?

This illustration terrifies, saddens and angers me

It’s worth noting that this concept was first done by Lanny Sommese, in 1987, who did a better job of it — but it’s the toe curling anguish of the reinterpreted (ripped off?) version that caught my eye.

I cannot express the disgust this image brings to my soul. With genuine anger I would rip this from my archives and never let it into my thoughts again … but it’s brilliant.

It is a very effective examples of how the right idea, and only the idea, can be so strong, that nothing else is needed, lest they get in the way. The illustration and design may be simple, but the thought within is astounding.

Like the excerpt? Check out the full post at The Power of Emotion in Graphic Design | Retinart.


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