Nov 27: Chocolate Date gets an update

I’ve been thinking lately that lots of things in my life have to change. I cut my hair short for the first time. AIGA Birmingham is starting to look good. One change on deck is cutting back on cupcakes to stabilize my blood sugar! As such I’ve decided to re-dub the “Chocolate Date” to “On the Fly.” The subject hasn’t changed, but don’t panic over the navigation bar. The links still work.

This shouldn’t be much of a surprise. Anybody who knows me knows I live by the phrase. I’d rather work off my laptop in whatever scrap of space I can find (usually darkened Starbucks corner because they have free Wi-Fi for patrons, but more and more places are following suit), than sitting at my desk. I like windows and sunlight. I like the mobility of my trade. And most of all: I like to travel, and usually by flying! Maybe it’s because I hit the road with my Mom to visit my grandparents often as a child that instilled in me a love of the highway. Perhaps it’s a uniquely American thing a la Manifest Destiny. Whatever the reason my motto is the old Discovery Channel tagline: Explore Your World.

Coincidentally, my new favorite television show is Anthony Bourdain’s “The Layover” on the Travel Channel (once owned by Discovery) While I love “No Reservations(click here for my many reasons why) it is very unlikely I will be visiting Thailand or Poland anytime soon. Philadelphia, however, is on my Near Future To-Do List. Conveniently, that’s where Bourdain is off to next. Where the man has been recently means almost as much to me. Earlier this month he kicked off his new spoken word tour in my hometown of Birmingham, Alabama. It was an awesome, sold-out experience that was made even sweeter by the fact that attending was my Mom’s birthday present from me and I’m thankful that we can do things like this together.


Video and photo by The Travel Channel


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