Follow Mashable, Get Good Advice

One of the best digital industry toolkits, and often for the general public too, is the website Mashable. Here writer  gives great advice on social hacks and password perils.

Social Media Hacks to Learn From

If you’re not smart about how you use social media, you’re already in danger. It’s important to treat your accounts, whether it be TwitterFacebook or Pinterest, with a heavy dose of skepticisim and plenty of common sense. But, this lesson goes beyond just knowing when not to click the “FREE DIET PILLS” link or shrugging away a in an @ message from someone you clearly do not know — even the smartest players in the game find themselves being hacked. In fact, even those who are writing the rules of the game — the social media companies themselves — are struggling to keep up with security in light of increasingly sophisticated hacking attempts. Here are three different kinds of hacks, perpetrated across three very different social networks, that you can learn from as a user. Although some things may be out of your control, it’s imperative that you batten down the hatches and take every precaution to have a safe and intact Internet life.

…1. LinkedIn: 12345 is Not a Secure Password….

…2. Pinterest: Don’t Daisy Chain….

…3. Facebook: Beware of the Inside Job…

I highly advice you read the full column by clicking this link. The author goes through more on each of the three points, but more importantly she gives advice on how to avoid the hacks!


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