Hurricane Sandy pounds the East Coast

The Huffington Post released this blurb about how Hurricane Sandy is popping up in the media:

The story of Hurricane Sandy is largely being told through photos, in part thanks to Instagram, the popular photo-sharing app bought by Facebook this year.

More than 244,000 photos have been posted to Instagram with the hashtag #sandy, according to app founder Kevin Systrom. More than 144,000 more have been posted under #hurricanesandy and another 23,000 photos under #frankenstorm.

“There are now 10 pictures per second being posted with the hashtag #sandy — most are images of people prepping for the storm and images of scenes outdoors,” Systrom said in a statement that was posted to Poynter.

At least one independent site is tracking Instagram photos of Sandy. During Hurricane Irene in August 2011, Peter Ng and Chris Ackermann, a pair of developers from the New York Times and Facebook, respectively, created the site instacane.comas a landing page for Instagram photos related to the storm. That site is again live for Hurricane Sandy, and can be found here.


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