Chocolate date: May 28

So here is the next installment of Chocolate Date. I never made it to Dreamcakes to be able to compare them to Urban Standard but it’s on my ever growing to-do list.

How was your week?

We had an excellent AIGA meeting last week despite not having either of our co-presidents. We’re really kicking the door wide open this year for a total chapter overhaul. It will, after all, be our silver anniversary in an organization that is almost 100 years old. However, it would have been much better had I not wiped out and bashed both knees to blue and purple. Yay for a hot holiday weekend I’ve enjoyed soaking them in the pool.

Have you read any good books lately?

YES! I started Gregory Macquire’s “Out of Oz” because we had an extra press copy lying around the office, but I realized that it was the final volume to a series, quit, bought “Wicked,” and spent my pool time reading it on a float. It is a little coarse but so funny and entertaining. I can’t recall the last time I read a new book (at least to me) that wasn’t a design book and wasn’t assigned as a class reading. It was refreshing!

What project are you working on?

I’ve got pipe cleaners all over the floor still. Luckily, I don’t also have rubber cement everywhere. The only clue you get is Shel Silverstein’s “No Difference” poem.

Finish this statement: If graphic designers ruled the world __________.

it would likely function better! Seriously, though we kind of DO rule the world. We’re culture creators, trend setters and visual communicators. You don’t get much more powerful. Rick Poynor has this to say about a designer’s power.

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