Chocolate Date: May 20

Chocolate Date: May 20

My best friend started a coffee date column. I detest the thought of coffee, but liked the idea. So I’ve dubbed mine the chocolate date. So here’s the ramblings of a 20-something transplant in the South. Grab a cupcake and a stool and we’ll chat.

I got ahold of Sprecher’s Ginger Ale and a double chocolate cupcake at Urban Standard on Friday while picking up some stuff at Intermark and I think they may give Dreamcakes a run for their money. Time will tell. Ask me at the next break!

How was your week?

I got my ADDY prize money! It’s always nice to get back a profit on what I paid in entry fees and it’s been well spent in paying for a web developer kit. I’m gonna start doing freelance! It’s Sunday so tomorrow everybody goes back to work, except me. I didn’t take this weekend off. I started another batch of projects.

While looking like my Tori this cat is much sweeter! Brie awaits adoption at I-Rescue, Madison, AL. If you would like to adopt her email!

Today was pipe cleaners. The colorful kind of cleaners of course. In case you missed it: I LIKE COLOR! Luckily, my cat isn’t here to create a mess. Could you just imagine a fluffy, kleptomaniac tortoiseshell with glue and shiny things everywhere? What a mess! Her name is Tori (the Terrible/Terror, by the way, and she once had to get a pipe cleaner surgically removed from her neck as a kitten). Remind me to show you the final product of the arts and crafts time.

Have you read any good books lately?

I choked through a first edition of “2001–A Space Odyssey” because it was short and it was on my book shelf that I meant to send to a friend. Obviously I put it in the mail minutes after completing it. I can’t believe Clarke couldn’t think past Soviets for the future, but he could think up alternate realities.

Do you have any exciting news this week?

Planning on redoing my entire portfolio website. We’ll see how that goes. Planning an AIGA event with the Birmingham board members. Again, we’ll see how that goes.

Anyways, don’t walk off with icing on your face, and check out the chicka who started it at coffee date | b*sidesdesign. If you write a coffee (or chocolate) date then share it below in the comment box.



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