Cayenne’s Creativity casts a shadow at District ADDYs

A hearty congratulations to Cayenne Creative for taking home the Best of Show prize in the District 7 ADDY Awards. There is a considerable amount of design talent throughout town, and this bunch is consistently among the best.

Most agencies in town pick a non-profit to do work for annually and this past year Cayenne gave the Birmingham Education Foundation a very much needed facelift. Let’s hope that their fantastic work convinces people to inject some life into local public schools and education in general. My grandfather always used to say “invest in the future.” Investing in education is investing in the future.

At any rate, the scope of the campaign was quite good. They made posters, brochures, stationary, alternative advertising pieces such as donation containers and painting classic school desks and putting them in public spaces branded with the new logo.

The bright red featured across the campaign is eye-catching in the media saturated society in which we inhabit, but with so many other sources just getting a glance is a challenge. The red works because it, too, carries a stop sign-like quality. People will look at a desk much out of place on the sidewalk of a busy street and wonder what that’s all about. They might even go look “Who is Ed” on the internet.

Hopefully, curious inquirers will grab a brochure. This is by far one of the best parts to the campaign. From the outside the piece looks like a standard composition notebook, but the phrase “Don’t judge a book by it cover” applies here. Inside is a brief rundown of facts on the need for change in the school system, statistics to back it up, and testimonies all of which has been condensed into clever little infographics for readability. It’s also typeset largely like a school workbook would be, but it’s polished enough to not look cheesy.

Here is my single complaint: it’s red. I used to cringe when I would get math homework or English research papers back practically bleeding in red ink. The stigma may stop some, but overall I think it’s for the best.

Not only were the designs excellent, but Jason Wallis’s photos from the campaign were equally well done. It was cool to see “Homegirl Done Good” Condoleezza Rice and her buddy Ret. Gen. Colin Powell sitting in some shots. Plus, not many people can turn down cute kids. Jason, how long did it take him to squeeze back out of that little desk?


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