Lewis leads with new stationary

Birmingham design agency Lewis Communications is also participating in Neenah’s new unSHOW, and they do so with good reasoning. 

These guys racked up several ADDYs this year for all their hard work, and I would know since I put the winner’s book together, but it has yet to be released.

Anyways, the creative force behind this bunch has steered themselves down the right road taking home big shiny I-beams back to back years for their work with Tiffin Motorhomes. Creative Director Stephen Curry took away not one but two Best of Show ADDYs this year. One for his interactive work on Auburn’s Toomer Oaks Twitter and the other for his copywriting skills on Tiffin. Lewis photographer Jeff Williams also took home a giant gold ADDY with his photography for Red Mountain Guitars.

Despite the just deserved accolades Lewis launched new stationary last year which was one of my favorite pieces from the whole show. The red is bold, but not overpowering because there is a subtle orange quality to it that lends a fresh quality like a ripe grapefruit. Silver embossing compliments the red. Both the metallic and the raised surface of the emboss makes it sophisticates without making the work overdramatic. That is something easily done, but here it is well-crafted and as a result adds character. It is, after all, a surface on which will be written. Overall, this is a crisp, clean mark making it music to my ears.

Bonus round: What really is the shape of their awesome new logo. Obviously there is an “L” for Lewis, but what about the box that encompasses it? Their name is Lewis Communications after all. See it yet? Take a better look at the box. It has that thing coming out from the bottom. Recognize the shape of it from that last text that came in? It is a talk-bubble or communication box.

There’s more to this mark than that though. It has a piece missing out of the right side of it. This is the kind of thing that makes me want to design everyday–why I stuck around for an extra year in college to grab a dual degree. I refer to this as “The Ah-ha Moment.” When a person interacting with the design fully realizes what it is he or she sees. The lightbulb flips on above their head. I always try to make my designs have this element whether making cows rotate or dragons breathe fire.

The talk-bubble is a big letter “C” for Communications. See it now? “LC” is for Lewis Communications. It is like my “am” logo is all over this website. It stands for my name–Alyssa Mitchell.

So there it is. That is why I think Lewis Communications is one of our many brilliant design firms in town. There are quite a few. Thank you all for continuing to push past your best. Much of the nation, including Neenah and PRINT, are taking notice.

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    This website is realy awesome!

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