Totally Tubular! General Mills boxes reemerge from the 80s

Just when it seems safe there’s a flashback to Flashdance. The Dieline dug up these cereal containers to show that sometimes good things never die and others are too trendy to take over.

How many have actually seen, let alone played, an Atari? And yet it was all the rage until this little box called the Nintendo Entertainment System hit mass market. Nintendo may have taken one on the chin from Apple’s limitless collection of app games, but let’s be honest. Can you imagine playing a full-length Zelda game on your iPad without killing the battery at least a dozen times?

In the mealtime, Honey Nut Cheerios haven’t changed much. However, desktop publishing has done wonders for design. The simple, flat style isn’t so much a trend as the way the design was created. We millennials most have no idea what a “paste-up” is because technology, mainly Adobe, have made it irrelevant. “In ye olden times” designers had to draw this stuff by hand, cut out each piece without bleeding on it and assemble it together with whatever paste or adhesive was available. Hence the term paste-up. It literally required pasting up on a board to be photographed and transferred to metal plates for print production. No dropbox. No flashdrive. No laser jet. All film. Glad technology has advanced, right?

Apparently this is only at Target.

80s-themed General Mills Packaging  – The Dieline: The World’s #1 Package Design Website -.


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