Birmingham presents best of local advertising

Today’s edition of Friday Fun features last night’s ADDY Award Show winners. UAB students stole the show in most of the categories they entered. Yours truly walked away with a gold and a silver trophy for back-to-back winning years, but I’m not alone. Fellow partner-in-crime Brittany Fox will also be headed for a consecutive run at a district award for her Olio Olive Oil bottles. It doesn’t end there either.

My best friend Brandi Sides went 1-1 for a gold in the mixed media campaign on her Monarch Butterfly Reserve project. Other gold winners include Mat Powell and Jin Chung (who also took home Student Designer of the Year). Silver winners include Mat Powell, Daniel Twieg and Jenny Waycaster.

To quote one of the judges: “The cubs have got chops.” I’m not surprised. We’ve been racking up awards for awhile.


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