Cute self-promo creates cuddly creatures

Designer Wendy Tan Lui Chan came up with this compact do-it-yourself kit for creating yarn or felt animals to give out as a self-promotional item.

The whole kit feels light and fluffy like the animals featured to make. The typesetting on the front actually looks like it could have been drawn out with string and photographed even though it was probably just drawn with a pen tablet in Illustrator. The puffy clouds also lend itself well to this piece. They remind me of children’s crafts where cotton balls are glued to sheep shaped cardboard cutouts. Incidentally, sheep are one of Chan’s plushie options.

The only risk in this design is being too cute to market to a wide audience, but I think it works. You can clearly tell the style of the designer from this packaging so if it doesn’t fit the firm’s aesthetic a creative director already knows the anwser.

Student Spotlight: Yarnimals – The Dieline: The World’s #1 Package Design Website –.



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