Beer law revisions yield to local brewery

Kaleidoscope reporter Eric Roberts brews a good tale about one of Birmingham’s favorite beer makers.

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley legalized taprooms at Microbreweries this year which made the craft beer industry in the state that much easier.

The act allows microbreweries to sell alcohol without any limits on the selling of other food or drink items.

What was once just a vacant mattress warehouse has now become a modern microbrewery and taproom.

In May 2010, Jason Malone and Mike Sellers moved their two-year-old Good People Brewing Co. from Five Points to its present location.

“The warehouse was tailored for a retro fit,” said Malone. “We found the building and lucked into the other stuff (location next to Railroad Park).”

For the first time the two Birmingham Brewers, who left their jobs to chase brewing fame, were allowed to let the draught beer flow in the modernized warehouse amongst the vats and the smell of hops, yeast and wheat.

“First of all, when you walk in it is a warehouse,” said Caitlin Wittkop, bartender and UAB student.

“People stop by on their way through Birmingham. It is the quiet hum of people that I love. You hear the brewing process,” said Wittkop.

“We are unique to Birmingham. We are putting ourselves on the micro brewing map.”

The craft ales have gained in popularity quickly, as they first appeared in Birmingham in 2008.

The brews can still be found in local restaurants and bars on tap, in cans at select grocery and package stores, and now on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Good People microbrewery.

Craft beer now flows from the tap at the Brewery at 114 14th St. S. near campus.

For five dollars you can enjoy a pint of local brew filled with culture and quality.

“Good People makes people step out of their safety circle,” said bartender Anne Tucker.

“It is quality beer and it is not much more than Bud Light. It is made here in Birmingham, try the Pale Ale you will like it.”

Wittkop said she loves prefers the local craft ales to traditional lagers such as Budweiser, Miller or Coors due to the great taste.

She added the difference in the two is the yeast, time and temperature needed to produce Good People’s local flavor.

“Number one it is local and it is delicious,” said Wittkop.

“I always suggest the Mumbai Rye; it is really smooth, with a floral taste and not as a hoppy as an IPA.”

Good People features 17 craft beers that change with their brew cycles, popularity and season.

Some of their most popular beers include the India Pale Ale, Pale Ale, Brown Ale, Snake handler (a double IPA) and Mumbai Rye.

Wittkop said that there are plans in the works to open their taproom on Friday and Saturday in the near future for those who are looking for incredible beer.

It took more than luck for Malone and Sellers to ferment their hobby into a business.

“The business that found them” has given Birmingham Beer lovers a place to quench their thirst.

As their motto sates: “Be Good People. Drink Great Beer.”

Follow Good People on Twitter @GPBrewing and on Facebook.


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