Web Designers vs. Web Developers

I saw this and thought it was quite funny. I hope you agree. I find that despite being female I find the Venn Diagram incredibly true. My teeshirt, however, would probably say “I ❤ Hoefler” instead of Helvetica. This is basically a battle of analytical versuses creative. Coding is a subtle science that requires much regiment and often repetitiveness. There’s nothing wrong with that it works. Design is about creating an expirience though words, images, color, and yes type choce. It’s why I do what it is I do, because I take pride in getting people to think or at least engage with a segment of society, and with which to make a connection.

And guys please give skinny jeans back to us girls. Please?

Web Designers vs. Web Developers (Infographic).

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  1. […] Posted by amARTS&MEDIA on April 25, 2012 · Leave a Comment  A hot topic in this election will invariably the unemployment rate. As May approaches there is another surge of young workers, but not as many positions to fill. I count myself lucky to have a job that gives out a paycheck. Local news radio 105.5 WERC made this post about how tough the job market is right now. Among the hardest majors to start a career? The article mentioned humanities as a whole specifically creative writing and art history. Commercial art (graphic design) seems pretty good in comparison, but web knowledge is even better.  […]

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