Parking at UAB

Anyone who attends UAB just knows that parking is a complete pain. One of my buddies created this video while running late to our web class. Thank you Jonathan Greene. It’s hilarious, but does contain foul language. I think I’m just going to walk to school.

Sorry guys. This was supposed to automatically publish at 11 a.m. Glad I checked it.

Parking at UAB – YouTube.

2 Responses to “Parking at UAB”
  1. 3esgreene says:

    YA YA! send around to everyone we need something done about this garbage of a situation. I saw a video of students politely talking to the head of the parking department and the man has the nerve to say “find another lot thats not so popular.” I tried to park for almost 50 mins today while checking 5 “not so popular” lots.

    I think he would like my video better

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