‪’The Help’ takes a hard look on society, softens hearts

On the surface this movie will look like a chick flick, but if its anything like the book it will about so much more. Today’s post is all about identity and branding, but not in the way I usually mean the term.

Set in the 1960s Mississippi the story evolves around ‘Skeeter’ Phelan and her interest in shedding light on the reality of segregation. Here in the Heart of Dixie life is rather brutal for anyone that doesn’t have a white face, and in Skeeter’s case that doesn’t amount to much. Her closest confidants, maids Aibileen and Minny, provided much of the enlightenment and enrich her world. Each teaching the educated young woman lessons that resonate deeper than her schooling. Being a recent graduate at the time I read the book, and soon to finish my second degree, I can relate to Skeeter’s feelings of alienation of returning home from college.

This novel gives rise to what the daily life was like before the Civil Rights and the social injustices that spurred the protests into action. I am niether old enough nor was geographically positied to have much idea of the subject, but author Kathryn Stockett was and her writing makes the scenes leap off the page. Its not hard to imagine the accents of the player either, but with today’s release of the movie adaption it should become even easier. This story is a witty ride to remind ourselves that regardless of what we may look like on the outside we all bleed red.

‘The Help’ is a beautifully written book full of warmth, charm, and suspense. Plus, I like the wordmark they came up with for the film. It still has an italic element like the wordmark on the book, but reflects more 60s style during which the story is set. If anyone in this movie read even the first chapter the movie is sure to be excellent. However, if actress Emma Stone can make that much out of a teen flick then she’s sure to do well with a script this rich.

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