Is ‘Here’ Really Gone?

I’ll let you in on a little secret: this is my favorite song, and the video isn’t too bad. It features some college aged people living their lives out loud while everyone else is moving so fast through the world they’ve becoming blurs. Time flows rapidly. It’s kind of like a metaphor for so many of us leaving school and starting the next chapter of our lives. Scary thought though it may be we’re adults now.

I’m looking fall semester in the face knowing this time this has to be my final semester. However, this time I actually feel prepared to exit to reality and into a career I enjoy. Do I regret choosing a major I didn’t end up loving? No. I still learned valuable skills there, but I’ve taken them and reconfigured them to suit a whole new path.

I’m just astounded some people took notice. It’s not the end of the road like I thought last time. It just marks the beginning of a new era. It also helps to know that most of the people in my life are taking the journey with me. So really ‘here’ isn’t gone or going after all. ‘X’ doesn’t mark the spot. It’s the friends and family who’ve got your back that make it all worthwhile and with today’s technology you can always keep them close.

One Response to “Is ‘Here’ Really Gone?”
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