Z is for Ziggurat

Today’s post comes in a little late, but for good reason. It’s been so rainy today I haven’t ben able to shoot the pictures until now. Take a look at my metalsmithing final I turned in this week. We established last month that I’m more like to use a font from the Hoefler type foundry then anywhere else with the Philly post.

I handcrafted this box out of 18 gauge copper and soldered the sides together to complete the box. It is enclosed with a front faceplate and three knuckle hinge. I also hammered each side piece to say a relevant quote about either typography or text, and it can still be used as a giant stamp. Then I heat treated it for extra texture and a little bit of flair.

Eventually I will construct another one building it side walls first rather than like a packaging project I would make in graphic design, but hey its finished and metalsmithing has a steep lerning curve. I’m proud of what I was able to accomplish in just two months.

One Response to “Z is for Ziggurat”
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