Toward the Gleam gleans new art from old style

I am excited about Peter Jackson starting work on movie adaption of The Hobbit, because I know he won’t make a movie that requires a trailer like this. Just watch it–its quite funny in its overdramatizing. It even has a Lord of the Rings-like audio track, and decently made computer generated graphics a la Wetta junior.

I like the cover art though, because it reminds me of the original hardback cover art from The Hobbit. It runs in the same vein as its predessor without being identical. I found where the book jacket designer was posting some sketches if you want to take a look click here. Overall, its a nice cover and I think it mimics the Toklien book, because the text mimics the same thing. Here with this book cover  the classic’s imagery is revamped to have a bit of an edgier feel–whether by default of using Illustrator rather than a watercolored illustration or design I can’t tell. The print production gives this novel its own metallic spin in silver and gold. Consumers are much more design savvy now and I’m sure interested parties will make the connection straightaway. The Hobbit is a classic for a reason though.

My point for today’s post is at what point are we stealing someone else’s style just to market a product effectively? The point at which you don’t put your own research or style into the piece. The jacket works, but the trailer doesn’t. Why? The trailer is just a cheap rip-off. Well intentioned maybe but lacks any kind of ‘soul.’

Facebook seems to think I’ll love this book, but I don’t think I’m interested. I’ve got to be there and back again to finish up my metal arts final for Monday. Also, I find it a little ironic that this book was published by Ignatius Press–sounds like Ignotius Peverrell.


Toward the Gleam.

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