Flying Car Gets Green Light From Feds

Meet George Jetson…Jane his wife…daughter Judy…his boy Elroy…The space age is really starting to catch up to the 1950s illustrations of what the 21st century was supposed to look like, and this vehicle sounds really cool.

Actually, given my dad works for a company that manufactures windshields for cars and airplanes I always thought this was going to merge one day.

This is the kind of car I needed yesterday when I got clipped. Chaulk it up to another reason why I detest bubba’s driving their monster trucks (or in this case SUVs) in a city. I highly doubt stuff gets hauled around town in vehicles that large its just a status symbol, and an expensive one at that.

Anyways here’s todays post before I fire off a detailed description of why Huntsville man Hal Stanford cannot drive, and why he should keep his big mouth shut about the “damage” I did to his SUV. There’s no way an 4-cylinder that is at best six inches off the ground with a front end less than three feet high could have made all those scratches–such arrogance. While I’m at it here’s a word of advice to everyone, especially Stanford: its always a bright idea to be nice to a police officer and quit being disctracted by a phone.

Woburn, Mass.–Flying car company Terrafugia, whose website conveniently includes a pronunciation guide (say it with me: “Terra-FOO-gee-ah”), has announced that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has granted the company specific exceptions regarding their Transition vehicle. The Transition aims to fulfill the dream that we’ve been promised since the earliest days of prognostication: The flying car.

Unlike other projects like the Skycar, the Transition is meant to function as both a street-legal car and a light aircraft. The idea is that you could drive it from your home, right onto the airfield, and take off. But to balance the requirements of the stresses of flight, the Transition needed heavy duty tires and a heavy-duty polycarbonate windscreen. Both of these required special exemptions from the NHTSA, which Terrafugia has now secured.

For Terrafugia, receiving these exceptions is a great accomplishment but it is by no means the last hurdle for the Transition. The company still has some rounds of torturous safety testing ahead of it, and then the task of marketing and selling what is sure to be a pricey piece of luxury machinery. But who cares about that? Soon, we’ll live in a world where you buy a flying car, and that’s what’s most important here.

Flying Car Gets Green Light From Feds | Geekosystem.


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