Weasley Wizarding Wheezes and Whizbangs

By now it must be obvious that I am a Harry Potter fan, and that Hermione Granger is my favorite character. However, the troublesome twins Fred and George tie for a close second. Take a look at these oddball creations from their shop for this week’s edition of Friday fun…which is appearing on Saturday. D’OH!

i think this logo is a fun, funky, and oh so fabulous 50’s throwback. There’s a lot of bright color here, but its tempered by the crosshatching which doubles as visual texture like its been screen printed. The bulk of the central icon works well together with the bold red background partially covered by the warm golden hue. The black type completes the ensemble to gives it a handmade American West touch coupled with the small twin wagon driver images flanking the type. The type treatment also reads a western motif with the heavy woodblock serif and the tall, condensed san-serif plus the spatter marks make it feel sanded and vintage. While it isn’t feasible to tell via a computer screen I have no problem imaging this as a wooden placard or something. The recurring element of this is the “W” with the starburst on the right which hops from product to product and flows pretty well on everything it resides. Overall, this mark is bold and bright, but the focus always returns to the center where it belongs.

The Custard packaging opts for more play in the typefaces and less on the color choices which is a wise move. One can’t have a pie in the face and eat it too. Much of it is the same golden color from the logo with crimson and brown accents. The three color fit cohesively like a banana split–or a banana creme pie. I’m not sure what “CUSTARD” is typeset in, but it looks like Hoefler’s Champion Gothic suddenly sprouted into a slab serif. It works, and its adjoined my Rodeo #58 which gives more depth to the western theme. Now I would not be tempted use Playbill, but one “SPLAT!” in the font when the piece already feels like handset type isn’t going to hurt the finished look.

I can’t say I’m a huge fan of the “Skiving Snackboxes.” The color choice is a little odd compared to the rest of the products, and there are just way to many fonts shown here alone. However, I appreciate the return of the “W” logo. Also the diecut witch and the type breaking across the fold is quite nice.

The “Decoy Detonator” box is quite good. I find the triad color scheme of the gold, the red, and turquoise appealing. There are several fonts on this box, but like the custard one it work because the color palette isn’t too wild. I think I even detect Hoefler’s Numbers font above the “a” in detonator. Nice touch. The cutout is clean and the feathering is more of an accent and less of a distraction which proves its done well. My only concern with this package is that the red pattern is noticeable, but its ties into the 50s style of this piece handily. I just wish that the opacity had been brought down.

The “Unlucky Dip” is probably my favorite of these “products.” I love the treatment to the starburst on the “W,” and the vintage “No. 73.” I realize I’ve said “this looks like the American West” and “this looks like the 50s,” but Americans loved the Old West in the 1950s and overall these designs play into that emotional connection. I would be curious to know why the designer/team chose the motif though–seems like an odd choice for packaging for a fictitious British wizarding joke shop.


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