Floating Futures‬‏

This week’s edition of Friday Fun comes in with some local flavor. My close friend and recent UAB graduate Jackie Stafford‘s recent stop motion animation short film ‘Floating Futures’ is quite an accomplishment in craft.

You have to commend her for being able to stay sane enough to cut out all those tiny pieces. And then to take a picture, move it, and take another…start to finish in roughly two weeks. I’m impressed. The attention to detail is spot on for the work I’ve come to expect from her.

It’s not an easy thing to make a short film, much less an animated one. Often this complicated little thing called ‘plot’ gets in the way. Usually there’s too much of it for such a short time span that crucial pieces are cut and nothing makes sense. This is not the case with ‘Floating Futures.’ We get the whole spectrum, and it’s a stry so many of us graduating right now feel. Gold stars!

via YouTube – ‪Floating Futures‬‏.


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