Dispelling the Rumor Mill

I’ve come to expect nothing short of zany from French Paper Co.’s alliance with Charles S. Anderson. This new promotional is no exception.

With a nod to American Pop artist Roy Liechtenstein and his sucessor Raymond Pettibon, CSA Design sets up a mailer campaign to demonstrate the paper company’s commitment to the environment. In a landscape where every paper company is claiming to be enviromentally friendly its nice to see French hit the refresh button and go in a vastly different direction.

For starters, the design team selected soft, pastel colored papers for the actual mailer and the brightest colored envelopes to go with it. Customers really get a chance to see the diversity in the Poptone line, and the effect is quite powerful. Then consider the over-the-top illustrations. Everything is styled after the 1950s with all the hallmarks of today’s wit and cynicism, particularly in the campaign title ‘The Rumor Mill’ for a paper mill. And then there’s the fact they get right to the point. I appreciate the straightforwardness of the approach and idea transmission. I don’t want to see vague details in a brochure it make me suspicious.

French Paper – Dispelling the Rumor Mill – Z-Fold Promotion with Envelope – Pop-Tone Various Colors (French Paper Sample Room).


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