Step Right Up

Tired of the same old PB&J? Recent graphic design graduate Carly Mankowski popped some punch into peanut butter.

Clearly the designer wanted people to quit clowning around with animal rights for her inspiration on this three ring circus show-stopper. Each of the three products: peanut butter, roasted peanuts and peanut oil, each have what she dubbed “elefacts.” The idea is to place the poor treatment of the animals in shows center stage including poaching for elephant acquisition and cage confinement. Its nice to see a good copy on a student project particularly in the product type. For example, she calls her chunky peanut butter “Chunk in the Trunk.”

Obviously, Mankowski choose her bold color palette based on the bright hues found under the bigtop. Each container has a different analogous scheme that is not so heavy they look bad lined next to each other on a shelf. It doesn’t look like she’s left any color of the rainbow out but neither do circus cast costumes.

While I tend to stay away from wild fonts since I discovered Hoefler these type choices are what really brings the project together. The type falls perfectly between outlandishness of Cirque de Soil and Barnum and Bailey, and its most noticeable in the body text. Mankowski has two sans serifs as work here. The clean, clearly legible one and its carbon copy cousin. Both work to play up this spotlight effect she references with her theme.

What I really gets me excited about this project is that it reminds me of Hatchshow Prints.  It may even be hand-lettered in a few places. Also, the pieces have this great, gritty texture of something quickly letterpressed, but it’s probably printed of a machine instead costing Manowski peanuts rather than a custom hand printed job.

I wasn’t able to find out if The Elephant Sanctuary had anything to do with the project or not, but that doesn’t make it any less a cool project.

Student Spotlight: Step Right Up – – Package Design Blog.


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