Alabama storyteller shared past, prose

I moved to Alabama as a kid, and my first taste of Alabama history was through local literary legend Kathryn Tucker Windham’s collection “13 Ghosts of Alabama and Jeffrey.”  The stories were rich and captivating, and through them there was a snapshot of past life of the characters and the culture in which they lived. I had never heard of the Civil Rights Movement or much of the Civil War.

Many of the tales told in the anthology were set during the 1860s, and she describes life during that period with much detail. Readers can visualize antebellum Alabama from the cotton fields to battlefields.

Windham was more than just a storyteller. Her career included writing, editing, and photojournalism at such places as The Birmingham News and The Selma Times-Journal. Her photography is on display at The Montgomery Museum of Art, and has been featured in a variety of places including The Birmingham Museum of Art in 2009.

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