Dig for Fire Identity Materials

Media kits aren’t quite the thing of the past, and this packaging is just the type of thing to mix the avant garde with the old guard.

Part of the charm of this project is the texture. For a company that deals in video production it was important to use something that wasn’t slick or shiny. Using the kraft paper lends the identity a touch of earthiness to contrast the technology heavy firm. Its a tactic element that goes a long way to elevate the design beyond the standard paper choice. The satin adds a touch of elegance to the ensemble.

The type choice gives the design a certain sense of timelessness. Gotham is a nice workhorse of a font, but unlike Archer hasn’t been overused…yet. The hand-lettered type, like the kraft paper, lends the entire campaign an organic feel that separates Dig for Fire from companies in the same field. At least its much netter than any video production collateral that I’ve ever seen.

However, the logomark is not as interesting as the logotype. The fire, or mountain, seems to compete for interest on the smaller stamp. The stamp idea is rather genius touch.

Dig for Fire Identity Materials – FPO: For Print Only.


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