FB page connects victims with memories

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) – Across the south, Facebook users are helping tornado victims pick up the pieces of their lives in a unique way.

The storms scattered photographs, receipts, newspaper clippings and other tokens of the past for miles. Thanks to a Facebook page created by Patty Bullion, users are sharing the items they have found in hopes that they can reunite them with their owners.

Photo found and posted to Facebook. More than 400 such items have been posted to the page.

The page already has over 39,000 users almost 400 photos of items that have been found.

“I never expected this page to get this big but I am so thankful that it did!” said Bullion.

Papers from Tuscaloosa were found in Birmingham, and items from Birmingham made their way to Gadsden. As the number of posts grows, Facebook community members are connecting from Texas to Tennessee.

“I want someone to recognize it, so eventually I will be able to give it back to whoever it belongs to. I found it in my backyard,” wrote Haley Mullins beneath a photo of American troops overseas.

“It’s wonderful that you are doing this for people,” wrote Cindy Pealo beneath a tattered photo of a little boy. “God bless them.”

Still others have found comfort in the images they see.

Lori Arnett found a hymnal page in her yard in Lynchburg, Tenn. The hymn is titled “He Will Be With Me.”

“Our prayers go out to everyone affected by the storms,” wrote Anett. “May God be with you all.

The comments go on and on, weaving a tale that is too surreal to be fiction. Browsing the photographs is like sifting through a shoebox of memories, each one somehow vaguely familiar.

The page has had some success in reconnecting the items with their owners, and more success is expected with the growing number of fans.

“Several items have already been identified and will be on the way to their owners shortly!” said Bullion.

Memories, potentially lost, have been rescued.

Join the effort by joining the page! You can find it here .

Watch Lenise Ligon’s report on the page here .

FB page connects victims with memories

Updated: Friday, 29 Apr 2011, 12:04 AM CDT

Published : Friday, 29 Apr 2011, 12:01 AM CDT

James McConatha (fellow Kaleidoscope veteran)

via FB page connects victims with memories | Fox10tv.com.

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