Nintendo 3DS at Target

While gamers may find it cool that portables are NOW IN 3D! I really could care less…still waiting for Skyward Sword guys! However, there are two great ideas at play here. The foremost is that the people in this ad do not look the typical gamer part, and yet when you walk the street you see people who also don’t fit that mold. That is the genius of Nintendo’s new marketing strategy starting with the Wii and continuing with the new 3DS (more on that Wednesday).

What really gets me is the art direction. Just because its a 30 second spot does not mean it lacks influence. If spots did that we wouldn’t still be using them. Here Peterson Milla Hooks Advertising firm took the basic concept of a gamer-on-the-go, and took it to a whole new level of color saturated eye candy. The look brings PMH’s signature modern style and and more of the creative cuts we’ve come to expect from Target. Objects and people fade into one another creating smooth transitions between scenes. I particularly think the train windows becoming the old eyeglasses is smart.

Target- Nintendo 3DS on Vimeo on Vimeo

via Target- Nintendo 3DS on Vimeo.

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