Tocobaga Red Ale

I love it when you get to see the process work! Not only do you have the finished product, but you also have the methodology, too. Different designers take different approaches to the same project so understanding the thought process that drives the concept really allows for an in-depth critique. Here’s a look at recent USF grad Alexander Kusminov turned out.

Maybe its cliche, but when it says red ale I want to see red on the label. It just feels right. The turquoise juxtaposed to it gives it fresh feel. Toss in the pineapple texture and it starts screaming tropical…but it in a good way.

It’s obvious that Kusminov really did some research to get started. The fabric swatches shown here have a Afro-Carribbean pattern as well as the bright color scheme. I’m pleased he picked up for the final logo.

Clockwise from top right: While the pineapple stem imagery has merit, adding it into a logo just seems to make it cluttered. Not to mention shrinking it down to fit on a business card. Yikes! You’ll loose the pattern. This logo is just too busy. The additional ribboning encloses the logo too much for it to breathe and limiting the visual impact. The triple pineapple is also too busy. I loose the fact the shapes form pineapples because my eye can’t find a focal point. The final logo is neat and polished, and yet appropriately wild given the client’s location in Cigar City/Little Havanna. I’ve never been to the real Havana but I imagine a vast array of kaleidoscopic colors.

It’s clean. Granted there is a texture, but I think it goes well with the existing cigar products the client also makes.

For more click Student Spotlight: Tocobaga Red Ale – – Package Design Blog.

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