Charles S. Anderson Design Co.

This weeks edition of Friday Fun features French Paper Co.’s star designer Charles S. Anderson.

El Paso Chile Co. Cocktail Shakers Packaging: The bright hues and playful mix of typefaces are dead giveaways for Anderson’s work. Fashioning aesthetics of one part energy drink to one part Crate & Barrel I think this is the perfect eye-catching design to suit the 20- and 30-something professionals looking to host the next off-the-clock bash.

French Paper Annual Report Survival Kit: It’s a creative way to play off the big problem of computer viruses and spam mail. It doesn’t hurt that the art direction reminds me of early Las Vegas.

French Paper Ream Packaging: Only French is hip enough to have such visually appealing ream wrappers. Anderson’s particular brand of ‘retro meets modern’ has always solidified him as one of my favorite designers to watch.

For more information check out Studio Spotlight: Charles S. Anderson Design Co.  – – Package Design Blog.

2 Responses to “Charles S. Anderson Design Co.”
  1. elegantparis says:

    its all about packaging – isnt it!

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